Monday, August 24, 2009

Cappuccino in bed

I'm a Blue Bottle Coffee junkie - it's a local roastery here and they have a few places where you can get their coffee made for you and my elixir of choice is a cappuccino. Theirs is the only place I don't have to make a special order; it comes with a ristretto (double shot of espresso) and it's wet (more milk than foam) and at the perfect temperature so you can drink it right away without burning your tongue. I love it. I've actually just started drinking coffee about 4 years ago when I went to New Orleans for my 39th birthday (good thing I didn't wait until 40 - Katrina) with 3 of my good friends. After our first late night out and a bit hungover we stumbled into Cafe du Monde and when I tried to order hot tea (they don't have it) Jennifer said "Oh, just order an au lait!) I said fine and I have to say as a hangover cure - not to mention the bloody mary I had on the walk over there - it worked!  I think I never picked up the habit before as my mother didn't drank coffee so I wasn't ever exposed as a kid. Anyway as I can't go to Blue Bottle everyday and of course now I'm addicted, my husband gave me a Nespresso Machine for our anniversary. It has pods and is small, easy and doesn't make a mess - I totally recommend it. Now it's not BB, but it's very good and my sweet husband brings it to me in bed in the mornings - what more could I want?!

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