Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tuna Salad

Now you probably don't really need a recipe for this, but Richard says I make the best tuna salad ever so I'll just give the ingredients. The really great thing about it is that when you are thinking what on earth do I have on hand to make myself a little lunch - this is it. It's all stuff you can have on hand in your pantry. What I think the key is to making a great tuna salad is the tuna. My preferred brand is Starkist, but as long as you get a solid white tuna in water you are ok. Then I drain the can, I have one of those nifty round plastic things with holes in it and it drains it right out of the can. Then flake it up and add mayo, dijon mustard, squirt of lemon juice and sweet pickle relish. Don't make it too soupy, so easy on the mayo. Now I only have 2 variations that work for me personally. If I happen to have a hard boiled egg around I'll finely chop that up and add to the mix and then I substitute chopped dill pickles for the sweet. I never order this out as one, they tend to not use the solid white tuna and two most people add either celery or raw onions or both. My mom used to like chopped water chestnuts which isn't horrible, and Richard likes his as a tuna melt occasionally (just put a slice of swiss or cheddar on top and broil). As far as bread goes I love it on a toasted english muffin or today I happened to have a bagel (got them free on friday from Noah's!) or just some nice soft wheat bread. Oh, the other must is I have to have some potato chips or sometimes popcorn works if I'm out of chips. Fritos are great too!!!

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