Friday, December 25, 2009

Traditions, Traditions... TRADITIONS!

Hope you are hearing the Fiddler on the Roof song on that title - come on sing it in your head - or out loud! Had our traditions last night - had a cocktail in the Clock Bar of the St. Francis and then met our friends Jennifer and Andre and their kids and Lindsey and Simon and theirs for another. They go to Farley's for fish and chips every year and we went on to Chinatown for our Crab - had a lovely bottle of champagne (thanks Rebecca Reedy!) that our waiter shot off the cork into the ceiling - sent up a round of applause in the restaurant - I guess it was lucky it wasn't anyone's eye. ("you'll shoot your eye out" - another movie I can watch all day!) Anyway, had our hash and now waiting for the Pork Braised in Milk to be done - will post that recipe later. Hope everyone had a lovely day! I say keep the holiday spirit all year! Can you tell I've watched enough xmas movies this year??

Oh - another Thanks! to all the people that gave me cookbooks this year for xmas- I got 9 in total! No dupes and none that I already had - good job people! I guess everybody knows that I cook a lot now!

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