Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tortilla Espanola - The ultimate Spanish omelet

Well, I did a chinese omelet - so why not Spanish. This was actually my favorite dish in Spain - and I ate it all the time - breakfast, lunch and dinner! It is a little time consuming to make, and you do have to cook the potatoes in oil to really make it taste good but this recipe is great, and makes a good snack too. I did it pretty much as written, but I didn't use garlic in the omelet. Also, I didn't have a non-stick pan that big, so I cooked the potatoes and onions in the oil in one pan, then heated up another pan until it was really hot, added 1 tablespoon of the oil, then put the egg and potato mixture in and turned it down to low. The real trick is to make sure the pan is hot before adding the oil and then the mixture. It tastes best warm or at room temp. The sauce I used is just regular mayo with a little garlic olive oil whisked in - a quick garlic aioli.

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