Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Memphis in May - otherwise know as Tornado City in May!

I'm been lax in posting because we were away visiting Richard's brother Randy and his family (3 boys!!!) in Memphis this last weekend. It was Memphis in May which is the annual music festival; 3 days of bands play on 3 different stages. We saw Blues Traveler and The B52's! That is us (Randy, Candice and I) at the concert Friday night and those things that look like they are coming out of my head are the "chicken on a stick" - that we had and it was pretty gross, luckily we had plenty of Budweiser to wash them down with!

My first BBQ in Memphis was from Jim & Nicks - really good ribs, great mashed potatoes and brown gravy, which is nice because I always think the sides aren't usually that great in BBQ joints. The other picture is fried dill pickles! We had those friday night at B.B. King's place on Beale Street - can you say salty?! Now, we got lucky Friday night, as I guess it's rained there for at least the past 10 years during Memphis in May - and we stayed dry! That is until the tornado siren woke us up at about 4:30 am! Saturday night people were not so lucky as they got evacuated due to tornados! I would assume that is why the huge fashion statement of the festival is fancy rain boots - I have never seen so many fun and colorful boots! And people don't want to live in California because of earthquakes - ha! More food pix to come...

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