Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old School Phoenix Resort

About 6 years ago, Rich and I got a great deal on a room at The Royal Palms. It has been around forever, but was re-done sometime ago and is such a beautiful and relaxing environment. They have a lovely spa and pool that is salt-water filtered surrounded by great desert landscaping. Ever since our stay there I've been dreaming about their guacamole that they served to us poolside. It was made right when we ordered and so were the chips - still hot from the fryer! It was spicy from jalapenos and had chunks of avocado. Best I'd ever had. So, when I was there recently Julie and I went to hang out by the pool for the day and ordered it first thing - well, first we ordered mojitos (no sugar syrup!). Unfortunately the guacamole wasn't the same, it had been made ahead of time. It was still good, but not earth shattering. Fortunately they made up for it in the Tuna Wrap! It was seared ahi tuna cut into chunks mixed with mayo and sriracha (a spicy Thai sauce) with mango and melon and lettuce all wrapped up in a tortilla - so refreshingly good! And those sweet potato fries weren't bad either! I would recommend staying here for a truly good Phoenix resort. This is where former president Bush liked to stay - one of the few things I can agree on with that man.

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