Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slanted Door - Worth all the hype

I know it's on everybody's list of favorites, but it's there for a damn good reason. Vietnamese food may not be your thing - but this food transcends what you can possibly imagine. This is my favorite raw fish of all time. I could eat a dozen- it's yellowtail with crispy fried shallots and thai basil - I'm salivating right now just thinking about these! Another must try is the imperial rolls and spring rolls - those in the know order a half order of each. One of my other favorite things is the chicken with rice noodle stir-fry; I know it sounds boring, but it is one of the best hangover cures in town - along with their homemade bloody mary of course! One of the other fabulous things about it is that almost all the meat (pork, lamb and beef) is sourced from Prather Ranch Meat Company - so all good! So just go, eat at the bar and let Francisco make you a specialty cocktail.

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