Monday, May 31, 2010

Some of the best fish tacos ever!

I love fish tacos - usually the fried fish tacos - but these seared tuna tacos from Chelsea's Kitchen in Phoenix are the best! I had them a couple years ago at lunch and when we went there last weekend for dinner they weren't on the menu and I panicked! Luckily I grabbed a guy that looked like the manager and said "Hey, where are my tuna tacos?" I knew it was possible as they have tuna in other things on the menu and they were happy to make my special order. It comes with freshly cooked tortillas (foreground) and black beans and rice and all the usual fixin's. The same owners have La Grande Orange (known to locals as LGO) which is an excellent breakfast place down the street - order the pancakes, which are actually more like a crepe - so eggy with strawberries on top or the croque-madame (monsieur with a fried egg). Not to mention the amazing homemade english muffins... should have stuffed some of those in my suitcase...

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