Saturday, June 12, 2010

Always be open to trying something new

Sometimes I feel like I have eaters block - I just can't decide what I want for dinner. I am constantly looking at cookbooks, magazines, websites and even food tv for new recipes to try. Of course then it becomes the challenge of where on earth I got that recipe! Now, I can just look it up on my blog! Last weekend I tried this Roasted Pork with Baby Artichokes and it was amazing! I used a bone in pork chop roast from PRMC and didn't bother with making a whole paste, I just chopped it all together by hand. I served it with quick boiled and smashed potatoes with a little bit of cream and some butter. The vermouth jus was perfect. This one I'll be making again!

Post Note: Ok, not all the new recipes I try are great - but I do promise never to quit!

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