Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you don't get to eat my soup - go get theirs!

I love soups - in case you hadn't noticed - but I usually find it really disappointing to order them out. Not true for Bar Jules in Hayes Valley. They are a great example of fresh seasonal food served simply yet deliciously. I always go there for lunch but beware, they are only open wed-sat for lunch. I always order the soup - it's usually some sort of veggie puree, simple but with the best flavors. All of the other salads and sandwiches I've had have been good too - the menu changes daily so you'll just have to check it out. But definitely order soup! This day's specials were a lentil soup with a dash of harissa and house preserved tuna sandwich with asparagus and egg on awesome grilled bread. We also had a cold shrimp salad on butter lettuces with a creamy tarragon dressing and crispy radishes - perfection!

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