Monday, July 19, 2010

L'Osteria Del Forno

First, please excuse these photos, I'd had a couple glasses of wine, and only my iphone... didn't seem blurry at the time...

Anyway, this is L'Osteria Del Forno which translates into "oven" and they mean it - they only have an oven - no stovetop! We've been going to this little restaurant in North Beach since we first moved here and the food is still excellent. Everything is good but these are the must haves: Grilled Radicchio to start is the best I've ever had with a little pesto mayo sauce. Then the pizza is great - thin crust, but with lots of toppings (sausage and mushroom for me). For an entree the Pork roasted in milk melts in your mouth and finally the chocolate mousse is rich and light and not too sweet all at the same time. When in season their ravioli de zucca (pumpkin) is not to be missed either. One last thing to remember, they only take cash - so don't forget to stop at an ATM. Oh - almost forgot to mention the focaccia - it's crispy and baked fresh there - just don't fill up on it!

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