Monday, February 7, 2011

Healdsburg Bar and Grill - Best Tuna Sandwich!

Since all we've been doing is going out to eat, thought I better get to posting some reviews...
This is my new favorite sandwich: Seared Ahi Tuna at Healdsburg Bar and Grill. Let me give the details, because that's what sets this apart since ahi tuna sandwiches/burgers are pretty much on everyones menu these days. First, it's a nice soft roll that is lightly toasted then on the bottom is some slaw that is finely grated and in a vinegar dressing. Next comes the really ingenious part: a fried wonton wrapper - this adds the most amazing crunch - almost like the concept of putting potato chips on your sandwich. In the middle is a good amount of seared tuna (coated in sesame seeds) that has been sliced so you don't have to bite through a big hunk. On top of that is some pickled ginger and some tasty sprouts - AND then the bread is smeared with wasabi mayo - PERFECTION! My only complaint is that it comes with a side salad and they won't switch out for fries - and at $15 I'm not paying another 3.50 for a side of fries. We've also had the Falafel sandwich and it's good too - so if you go with a few people, spring for the fries!

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