Saturday, January 29, 2011

I thought I would be in withdrawals by now...

But I'm not. On cooking that is. Now, Rich on the other hand is. I literally haven't cooked in weeks - I'm not counting the one bean soup I made here in the "vacation rental" that was the worst bean soup I'd ever made - don't ask - I don't really know why - could have just been salt. Today we were out shopping/looking for flooring, countertops, paint etc, but as we had already eaten breakfast out (from the Healdsburg Bakery - amazing cheesy scrambled eggs!) and grabbed a couple 1/2 sandwiches from some deli; I just felt like I should attempt something. So, I broke my non-cooking streak and made my potato chorizo stew. Rich said as he wolfed it down "Your cooking warms my soul." Enough said.

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