Friday, April 22, 2011

One meal by special request...

And what a perfect meal it was, we had this the night after our "fried" lunch. These are Pam's special black-eyed peas. I happened to see them in the freezer (fresh from the farm originally) and put in my request for this for "supper". They were really tasty, Pam doesn't have a recipe, but here are the basics. Brown some chopped bacon, add some chopped onions and cook until soft, toss in a little chopped garlic then add peas and chicken stock to cover with a few bay leaves and simmer. After about 30 min she added some cut up new potatoes and let it cook another 45 min or so - served alongside some cornbread of course!


  1. Looks very good. My Mother used to make on New Years eve.

  2. Yes - a must for New Year's Day!