Monday, May 23, 2011

Ahhh, the weather up here...

It's getting so lovely! Made this quick supper the other night and served it with Simi's Roseto. Such a refreshing meal! I had also picked roses from my neighbors yard that day, so this will be my Rose Dinner.
Grilled salmon, asparagus and sausage with my sauteed fresh white corn. Perfection. I can't believe I haven't shared this corn recipe before - I just searched my blog and didn't find it - so here you go.

Fried Corn

1 and 1/2 ears per person (I was serving 3 so I did 5 ears) and leftovers are not a bad thing, so do as many as you feel like cutting off the cob.
crazy salt

Get really fresh corn - white is really starting to show up here now and it's super sweet. Shuck, wash and then cut off the cob. Over the years I've bought various contraptions to do this, but in the end you just need a large wide bowl and a sharp knife. I cut the kernels off then with the dull side of the knife, run it down again to get all the rest and the juices. Melt some butter in a large saute pan - at least a tablespoon per person, pour in the corn and add a little water. Let this all saute on medium heat for maybe 10 min. I like mine a little less done. At the end stir in a little more butter to make it creamy and salt with crazy salt. One of my summer favorites! For a fancy version saute some chanterelles and add to the corn.

Post note: Leftovers would be great in a little potato soup...

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