Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm missing my cookbooks!

Since we moved I kept out just a few cookbooks and packed the rest. In about 30 book boxes are the rest!!! I can officially say I have a collection. I also have to confess I've bought a couple more since the move. The thing is, I keep thinking of recipes I want to do and then realize they are somewhere in that huge pile of boxes. (They aren't unpacked yet, as I'm waiting for shelves to be built in the den) So, I'm having to wing it! This was a risotto recipe from a Williams Sonoma cookbook. It's basic risotto but instead of the usual parmesan (the link recipe is goat cheese) I used some good blue cheese and then on top I mixed some chopped black cherry tomatoes (from my garden!) with a splash of balsamic and some olive oil. On this day I had 1 corn on the cob so instead of cooking it separately I cut it off the cob and added during the last 5 min. of cooking the risotto. It's not exactly the same as the original recipe, but pretty darn close! The green stuff is shredded zucchini sauteed in butter in a very hot pan until browned. Lovely summer meal with grilled swordfish. Post note: Decided not to wait for a custom built bookshelf so found one that fits great from Ikea - I have my books again - yeah!!!

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