Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Before our trip - the final concert...

I think I've mentioned that every tuesday during the summer Healdsburg puts on a free concert in the square - It has been one of the greatest perks about living here! It's pretty much all locals - and let me tell you it is a serious business. The concert is from 6-8pm and you are allowed to put your blanket down and leave it at 4pm to reserve your spot. Before 4pm you can put a blanket down, but you have to stay with it - and people make a day of it! You would not believe the tables that get set up, complete with china plates, wine glasses and flowers in a vase! Not to mention the wine! The final night was the tuesday before we left on our trip and featured local Blues God - Charlie Musselwhite - and what a fun show it was! Here's a few pictures from our little group - can't wait until next summer!!! Thanks to all our new friends for sharing "big barfy" the blanket, great food and wine!

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