Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dinner after the game

Even though we felt like sweaty pigs after the Brave's game - we did a quick change of clothes in the car and proceeded to dinner in Atlanta. My first choice was this restaurant called Bacchanalia but when we got there for our reservation at 9:30 pm and they told us it would be a 5 course tasting menu - we decided it was too late for that much food - not to mention that Richard couldn't resist a slice of pizza at the game! So instead we went to their sister restaurant just a short walk away called Abattoir and even though that sounds like it could be heavy, it was a great meal. We had the Grouper (great fish in the South) with a crispy oven roasted crust and fresh cherry tomato sauce and a corn saute with fresh peppers. Their menu is local and very good - I wanted to try the steak tartare but Rich was not in the mood - next time! The one thing we couldn't resist was the Chocolate Chess Pie - omg! I need that recipe!!! Cute logo too.

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