Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am truly thankful.

I just want to write down and really look at all I have to be thankful for - a good exercise for anyone. I've been driving around town with my mouth hanging open saying Oh My God! I've never lived anywhere that the leaves change, and boy are they changing here in Healdsburg! I can't even name all the colors. And the vineyards - who knew they could be red, orange, yellow and green! I just wasn't expecting this - and I LOVE it! And it's fleeting - some trees that I've been going gaga over last week are now bare.

I'm also very thankful for our new group of neighbors, already it feels like home (even if I do miss my old neighbors.) I'm looking forward to continuing our annual traditions like mexican food on Thanksgiving eve (plenty of mexican food up here) and adding some new ones like the day after Thanksgiving, Healdsburg hosts a party on the square with free carriage rides, wine, food, shopping and carolers. How fucking adorable can this town get? If I didn't already live here, I would move! We are spending the day today with friends in Nicasio - we've been going to their house for this holiday for about 20 years - that is when we don't go to Maui like last year - where our dinner was cooked entirely on the grill out on Keanae - quite a challenge!

Here's hoping you can think of at least a few things you are thankful for - my list goes on but I won't bore you with the details - just know I'm glad you are reading this! And a special thanks to all my friends and family out there - love to you all. I'm truly thankful. And lucky. Realize that this life is fleeting - make the most of all your moments. Thanks for listening. Happy Festivus!

Post Note: In case you thought I forgot - I'm the most grateful for my loving husband of 22 years - thank you my love for following me to our new home!

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