Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Deer and THOUSANDS of Frogs!

We've seen quite a few deer up here but these were the first ones with racks! I just love to see them behind my fence grazing - hopefully they can't get over the fence once I plant something they might like to eat. But the frogs! Holy shit! When it finally started raining last week the frogs sprouted. Or whatever it is they do - as one day there were none and the next day THOUSANDS! Ok, I haven't counted, as even though Rich and I went out in search of them the other night with a flashlight we couldn't see any. So weird. I mean I'm not kidding when I say that in my house it sounds like someone has mounted speakers and are playing a frog symphony - seriously they are soooo loud! But pretty damn adorable too. Can I just say I love it up here? Case in point: the other day Richard took in my car to get the brakes worked on at a local place called Finchers and get this - when he picked up the car the guy gave him a bottle of wine! Now how adorable is that!

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