Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Green Soup

 Ever since I made my first Beans and Greens soup I've been a little obsessed with it. Since then I've made 3 different versions! The top picture here is with black-eyed peas. I just used some frozen ones I had and cooked them for about 20 min. The next one below I made with lots of potatoes and no beans - then decided it really is better with the beans so the next day I cooked up some dried cranberry beans with a ham hock and added them to the pot. As a tasty change I put a dash of sherry vinegar into the pot at the last minute and boy was that good! And of course served with my favorite blue cornbread! I love the soups!


  1. Rebecca, my partner, Mark, and I met you and Richard at Jim and Paula's last Thanksgiving.

    This soup appealed to me during this late spring rain we've been having. Mark has some issues with nitrates so I was looking in Whole Foods for a nitrate-free ham hock and came up with nitrate-free kielbasa instead.

    Your recipe is delicious. I had to add a bit more liquid and it's still quite thick. And it made a lot more soup than I was anticipating. I'm freezing a good portion of it.


  2. Of course I remember you guys! So glad you liked this and lots of leftovers are a great thing! Thanks for letting me know your looking!