Monday, May 14, 2012

Yummy Mother's Day Cake

 I asked my mom what she would like for her Mother's Day lunch this year - I was thinking she would say something we used to make from my childhood but she said she's been craving a liverwurst sandwich. Rich said - what are we having?! But since it was her special day I made her wish come true. Almost. She likes it on white bread, crusts cut off so I picked up a nice fresh loaf from Costeaux this morning. Next is a little mayo and lettuce and sliced tomato. Of course there are no tomatoes at the market yet only tomato plants so I didn't buy one. For me it's almost a sin to eat a tomato right now. They are hard, flavorless, mealy - and definitely not in season. So, this time of year I do without. Needless to say her sandwich was not quite right. I did get back in her good graces with this 7-up Pound Cake. This is something she used to make for us - and how perfect does it look?! I topped it with some creme fraiche - (what an easy substitute for whipping cream!) and some roasted rhubarb with sliced strawberries. Yum.
Richard's and my grilled bockworst sausages were delicious. No tomatoes required, just mustard ; )

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