Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grilled quesadilla with all the fixin's

This is one of those things that is never the same twice because I use what I have on hand in the fridge. I always try to have flour tortillas and cheese so I just add from there. The base is take a couple tortillas - this time I had large burrito size ones so it served two, so if you have taco sized ones make 2. Basically it's simple. Sprinkle one tortilla with shredded cheddar and place the other on top. Heat up the grill and cook until browned and the cheese is melted. Today I had a little leftover roasted chicken so I quickly sautéed some onions and peppers and then threw in the chicken to heat. After cutting the quesadilla into pieces I topped them with the "fajita" mixture, some diced avocado, salsa and a little sour cream. A veggie one would be good too with a little zucchini added to the peppers and onions or if you had some cooked beans they could go on top too. Even a fried egg! Possibilities are endless!!

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