Monday, November 12, 2012

Fudge made the old fashioned way?

Or as I now think of it Fucking Difficult Fudge. I was having some sort of fantasy about making it without the marshmallow fluff - that it's more natural and less processed that way - I mean that is my philosophy in the kitchen - everything from scratch. Well, I'll tell you one thing I will NEVER skip the fluff again! I can barely begin to describe the pain in the butt process that it was. First of all the recipe says to cook it without stirring then when it reaches 238 degrees pour over a marble slab or 1/2 cookie sheet upside down to cool to 110 degrees. I don't have marble, so I used the sheet. Oh - and don't scrape fudge from the bottom of the pan - I realized that is because the bottom is the burned part - have fun getting that out. Next (and don't forget this shit is boiling hot) it starts slowly flowing a little bit over the edges of the pan so I'm frantically trying to use a spatula to push it back up over the sides, burning my fingers with HOT fudge mostly, not to mention how much is now stuck in the cranny on the pan's lip. Now that it's coolish you beat it in a mixer for about 10 min, or until it's no longer shiny (really? is dull the preferred method?).  Did I mention how easy it was to scrape sticky fudge from an upside down sheet pan into a mixer? Just a tad ended up on the counter and half way up my arm - at least it's not boiling hot anymore. Then mix in the walnuts. Now it gets poured into the pan - and it doesn't even fill a 1/4 sheet pan! It may taste good (it really has a great texture) but it doesn't even look that good. Now, good luck cleaning up the multitude of pans etc. Needless to say, use Fluff made Fudge!

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