Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poached Egg and Soup

A couple weeks ago I made these super flavorful beans. I used Iacopi's gigante dried white beans - sautéed some onions and cooked in homemade chicken broth - that's the secret! I left out the pancetta on this one. We enjoyed them for a couple days and then I froze the last 2 cups of them. This last weekend I pulled them out of the freezer warmed in a pan with extra broth and whizzed up with the hand blender into a puree. Next I poached a couple eggs and topped the soup with them and a drizzle of olive oil. I'll just officially say that in my opinion any pureed soup could be improved with a poached egg. I love how the barely cooked yolk oozes into the soup - making it rich and delicious . My other favorite is asparagus - I mean asparagus and eggs - what a perfect couple! A little shaving of parmesan on top wouldn't hurt either.

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