Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Did I mention the food at Cardon?

The best part of the food they made and served us at Cardon was that it was fresh local ingredients cooked over an open grill - nothing too too fancy - although they did make some pretty spectacular meals and all of them were just right.
Pots bubbling away on the stove
This fish on the grill was delicious. First Oscar put down foil on one side and then spread with some butter. Next he put the fish on and clamped down the grill cooking it first with the foil side up to get some nice grill marks. Then he finished cooking it foil side down. When almost done he made a mixture of mayonnaise, yellow mustard and a little soy sauce which was drizzled over the fish. Finally it got topped with some fresh cooked tomato salsa - It was great! I was a little leery of the yellow mustard - I'm a dijon girl myself - but I would have never guessed if I hadn't seen it happen. All served with rice and a fresh salad it was a perfect meal. The second time we had the fresh pargo was below and when I saw it on the menu "Curry Fish" I wasn't really looking forward to it as I was picturing some sort of overcooked stew - but no! It was the fresh fish grilled again then topped with a tasty curry sauce and to lighten the dish some raw julienned carrots and beets! I'm telling you the food was amazing!
Fresh Pargo over hot coals
Grilled fresh fish with curry sauce

Did I mention Lobster night?!? Yes, fresh caught spiny lobster grilled with garlic butter. Would you care for a second one? Don't you want to live here?!

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