Sunday, April 21, 2013

Surfing and EATING at Cardon

Did I mention I loved the food?! I really have no complaints - I know - can you believe that? It's true! Thanks to our fantastic chef Oscar who prepared our amazing dinners every night.
Chili relleno lunch

In the cucina with Oscar
Did I mention that we basically had 5 meals a day? First meal is self serve fruit, yogurt and cereal. Then comes my favorite breakfast about 8:30am. Then noon is a full hot meal - this day was Chili Rellenos roasted with diced vegetables in a cream sauce. And snack time - every one groans and says "oh not another meal!" but did we skip snack time? Hell NO! It was too good to skip- so get your first cocktail started and fall in love with this days ceviche - a fresh local fish called Pargo - kind of like a red snapper, topped with a little lime juice, soy sauce and black sesame seeds and don't forget the avocado or aguacate! Heaven. And our cocktail of the trip - curtsy of Leslie - a great surfer gal we met here with tons of style - Crystal e Nada Mas - which to our translation was tequila with lots of lime juice topped off with mineral water and ice - no sugar, no sweet and sour crap! Salud!

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