Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vacation - Mexico!

50 Shrimp for 50th Birthday Boy!

View from our room 
This year for our vacation we were celebrating Richard's 50th birthday - don't send any wishes yet - it's not until July but the surf resort that he wanted to go to was booked the rest of the year so we decided to go a little early. Then when I was booking the flights I realized we were going on our 24th wedding anniversary so it was a double celebration! Our first stop was Mazatlan - we stayed in the old town area at a lovely little boutique hotel called Casa Lucila - what an amazing place! You would not believe the before and after photos - the owners have done an excellent job of making this 8 room hotel into a perfect spot. Very clean, modern rooms and bathrooms with our balcony view of the ocean and sunsets. On the top floor there is a small infinity pool with comfortable lounge chairs and the staff is happy to bring you up beers and cocktails!
View from our room at night
They were also very helpful in recommending local restaurants - my favorite being El Presidio. It was like finding a strand of pearls buried in the sand at the beach! Basically it was like a lot of the buildings near the Plaza Machado - only the facade wall standing. No sign to let you know that you were entering this magical world. The restaurant was in one corner completely remodeled but with the original walls and above you the remnants of the 2nd floor torn down with a view of a door to nowhere.
Eating at El Presidio

Rooftop dance floor at El Presidio
After dinner we wandered around the place and found this sparkling dance floor and crazy Banyan tree. The food was great too! My entree below was grilled shrimp (fresh from the ocean here!) served with a bed of green beans with fideo noodles in a tomato sauce topped with crema and queso. Delicioso! Fancy Mexican cuisine to be sure. More escapades to follow...
Banyan tree growing at El Presidio

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