Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another day at the beach in Mazatlan

 Our first day of wandering around the town got us our first taste of fresh coconut water - the nice man at the beach serves it to you cold with a straw. Then he takes it back and whacks it up and carves out the meat for you- refreshing and delicious! The second time we had it I got it the traditional way which has lime juice squirted on top and salt sprinkled over - I didn't think I would like that since I don't use much salt but it was tasty too!

Man fixing our coconut snack

Here's lunch looking at ya
Lunch that day was a whole fried local fish - no idea what kind! Served with fresh salsa, limes, tortillas and of course a beer - I mean what is a vacation without a refreshing beverage at lunch?!
Boat ride to Isla de las Piedras

Rooftop lounging at Casa Lucila

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