Saturday, September 7, 2013

I made this dough my bitch!

Sorry if that is offensive, but I've been cracking myself up all day. Talking to my dough as I turned it - saying "you're my bitch" And it is! I was a little concerned that last weeks amazing loaf was a one off - but NO - I'm in charge here!! This may be my new Friday routine. Thursday night make the leaven then Friday while working from home I made the bread. One loaf I baked that evening - and our dinner was above. Hot out of the oven bread with chopped tomatoes, basil and olive oil, some sliced ham, bit of brie, my dill pickles and a dab of dijon. It had been a long day and originally Rich said "you want to order pizza?" I said hell no - let's just have bread and whatever else is in the fridge and voila! 

pan tomate

This last week - with the prior weeks loaf I've been toasting away and for breakfast topping it with almond butter and sliced seckel pears my friend Annette brought over from her tree - perfection. Another favorite has been pan tomate a spanish delight - just rub the toast with a half of a garlic clove and then take a tomato cut in half and rub that all over getting it nice and juicy, drizzle with some olive oil and a dash of maldon sea salt - OMG! 
breakfast or snack

Potato Focaccia
Finally today with my other piece of dough (after letting it slowly rise in the fridge overnight) I did the Potato Focaccia recipe from Tartine - and wow - it is amazing! I thought it would be too many potatoes but it was perfect - like fresh potato chips on top of bread - who knew?! Like I said before - if you are really considering making bread yourself - buy the book - but beware it's addicting!

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