Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I was feeling nostalgic...

When the powdered green gelatin hit the hot water  (lime? really?) the smell alone transported me back to my mother's kitchen in Phoenix - circa 1977. This was the only jello "salad" I remember her making Lime Jello with Pears and Cream Cheese- although I do remember on special occasions she would do the multi colored, multi layers in the fancy parfait glasses - I have those glasses now and I know the secret - pour some of each color in one at a time and place at a slant (carefully!) until set in the freezer, then add the next layer, repeat - if you are feeling Super Fancy - you could whip one of the colored layers with whipped cream. Anyway - I had a bunch of fresh pears leftover from making my pear butter so I thought - why not? And I have to admit - it was as delicious as I remember. Although more of a dessert than a salad! Sometimes it's fun to go back in time...

Post Note: I have seen a few jello shots show up at parties in the past few years - oldie but a goodie! Bring back the horse hoove drinks! Hahaha


  1. Hi, Rebecca! Thank you for salivary trip down "Easter dessert as a kid" memory lane! I think it would be appropriate to make with my new (lime green) spoon/spreader that I bought today..after you explained what it was! Great Blog, lots of humor and excellent descriptions...congrats on the ketchup win! Another favorite. Fun to have met and chatted with you today! Hope you got to see some of the America's Cup race on your way north! We did. Katy

  2. Nice to meet you too! Glad you are enjoying it. Rebecca