Monday, September 30, 2013

Toast is the slice of life...

Next version - walnut bread.
Did I mention I'm on a bread diet?! It feels like it even though I keep it simple, only a couple slices a day - but what slices! This walnut bread was perfect - look how the walnuts make purple streaks in it. For breakfast Richard made his specialty (THE one) and served me in bed - that gets him extra bonus points! Then another day I made my Lima Bean Hummus - and that was delicious and fresh tasting along with another slice of it with tomato rub as an appetizer.
Egg in a hole made by my hubby - his specialty!

Lima bean Toast!

Finally I came up with dessert on toast! First I spread my warm piece of bread with almond butter and then placed a few random pieces of Milk TCHO and when melty spread it around - oh yes I did!

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