Saturday, September 28, 2013

I embrace the mistakes too!

 Just so you know I'm not perfect in the kitchen. Notice I qualified that.

Well, the other day I saw that my favorite Seckel pear season was almost over so I got a little desperate and decided to try canning a few. Since they were so small I thought I could just do them whole - have you ever seen a round object try to fit in a cylindrical container? Only about 4 fit so I decided to cut them in half - and who wants to peel and core them all? Well, I should have as the texture of these was not good. Let's just say they did not stay in these jars and are now in the can - garbage can that is.
And these lovely little jars of Quince Syrup were supposed to be Quince Jam - but as you might have noticed from my name change they didn't jell quite enough to earn the other title. I'm hoping syrup will be nice with lots of things: poured over pound cake, ice cream, waffles... just to name a few! So see even I can have a flop - you just have to know when to toss it (pears) and when to adjust your expectations a bit!
A HUGE box of quince given to me by a friend. I only got through about 1/4 of it. 

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