Friday, March 28, 2014

Our first wonderful meal in Paris!

Just in case you were wondering where I've been - it's Paris! So I've got a few things to report on - but I've been crazy busy with actual work since I got back so give me a bit... here though is our first meal in Paris - at a little brasserie located in the 5th arrondissement called La Petite Perigourdine. We had just checked into our hotel and decided to get a late lunch so we walked over to this lovely little place. Waiter was very nice and we ordered a salad that came with cheese, bread, proscuitto and potatoes and a steak with béarnaise sauce and that "glob" next to them was cheesy whipped mashed potatoes! The waiter came to our table with a copper pot and proceeded to whip them up and then poured onto my plate - he gave me the recipe - not that I think I could re-create this cheese sensation - but I can't find it in all my stuff! Anyway it was delicious with a nice glass of house red wine - Bienvenue a Paris!!

Post Note: I found the recipe - good luck in translation!

Recette de l'Aligot pour 4 pers.

500 gr de puree de pommes de terre (mashed potatoes)
250 gr de tomme fraiche (cheese! fresh mozzarella could sub)
20cl de creme liquide (cream)
15 gr d'ail hache, sel, poivre (chopped garlic, salt and pepper)
et monter le melange a température 80 pour qu'il file.
(Warm up the mixture and pour onto your plate? maybe?)

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