Monday, March 31, 2014

Still the same - Brasserie Balzar

 14 years ago I went to this restaurant Brasserie Balzar in Paris with my niece and fell in love with the Sole Meuniere. They bring out the whole fish and then the waiter de-bones it and pours over a lemony butter sauce served with steamed potatoes. Just perfection. So of course I had to go again - I think there are new owners but the same waiters with attitude. As soon as we sat down they "threw" the English menus at us. I was a little hurt as I can at least speak restaurant French but ignoring the rudeness we ordered my fish and a steak with frites and béarnaise for Rich. They finally warmed up to us when Rich said to the waiter - Now that's a hunk of meat! He even brought him a "nicer" glass of red wine on the house to go with his bloody steak! FYI - order a point - which is medium but in Paris it's rare and perfect. Another thing that they make look really good here is steak tartare - they mix it up right in front of you - I've just never had the courage to order it - maybe if I could share and have just a bite or two - but it's a big serving. I was so impressed by the French couple next to us - the wife had her whole appetizer (entree in French) then a whole mini dutch oven of some sort of stew then a whole dessert and TWO espressos - at 10:30pm! What a constitution! - Did I mention that they had 2 bottles of wine?  Anyway after our fill of food we wandered down towards Notre Dame and the Seine and found this Cave where they had a Jazz band and TONS of people dancing! Quite impressive - in this underground cave of crumbling stone the fact that they even bothered with a fire extinguisher was amazing!

On a bridge in Paris

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