Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Breakfast for Dinner

Our standard breakfast in Europe was fresh croissant and yogurt. Now, I can get good croissants here but why can't we get good yogurt?? Their's is less sweet and they have delicious flavors like cinnamon apple and the one below was pear - I loved it! I can barely find any in our stores that is not "Greek"! 

Anyway - one of my favorite dinners is actually breakfast - I made us this hash the other night and topped with a fresh fried slightly runny egg it doesn't get much better - except maybe with some pear yogurt for dessert - guess I'll have to start making my own!

Post Note: if you are wondering why my hash is so colorful it's because I sent Rich to the store for potatoes and he picked out the purple ones! That's my creative guy ; )

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