Saturday, April 26, 2014

I (almost) Killed it!

My starter that is. As you may have read earlier we went to Europe for 2 weeks and since I didn't want to bring it with me (I know some people do!) and mine is "trained" to enjoy life for 1 week in the refrigerator I figured it could survive 2 weeks in the freezer. Obviously that was just too much as when I got home and brought it out into the kitchen it didn't bubble up at all. But I didn't give up on it! I fastidiously fed it and it took about a week for it to come back to life - whew! Anyway I'm back on it and this weeks loaf was green and black olives, hazelnuts (gorgeous big ones from my friend Bonnie's farm!) lemon zest and herbs de provence. So tasty with a bit of cheese! I'm glad I'm not a murderer - of bread that is! Ok, well maybe I am because I'm slicing it... sorry, never mind me.  I brought a half loaf over to my friend Annette's house and she gave me this HUNK of parmesan - I think that was a damn good trade!
Bread for Parmesan!

 Aren't they cute rising?! Not to mention my new bread box!
Toasted Ham and Swiss

Can you see the R? 

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