Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We are so F@*king lucky...

I think I might have told this story before, but it was all I could think about last night as around 5:30 we went for a drive (top down) out to Alexander Valley and stopped at AVB - aka Alexander Valley Bar for a refreshing cocktail made by the lovely bartender Kirsti. Also Dave who I know from the Healdsburg farmer's market of Six Oaks Farm happened to be there as he was dropping off a CSA box. It was such an amazing evening - super warm and we went out into the Medlock Ames garden and picked fresh english peas off the vines and ate them while sipping our beverages. What an amazing place and down to earth people to hang out with on an unbelievable night.

Rich and I went home and I fixed us Lobster Rolls for dinner as I had bought a couple tails when they were on sale a little bit ago from Big John's Market. Super easy to make. Just take some cooked chilled lobster meat (we happened to grill them before going to AVB) and mix with a couple tablespoons mayo, dash of lemon juice and a few leaves fresh tarragon - place it on a buttered, grilled hot dog bun and you are golden.
Anyway, back to my original story - one night our dear friend Rey was over for dinner and of course I had cooked and he had imbibed a few glasses of vino... (we all had!) and he keep telling Richard "YOU - you are SO fucking lucky" in his deep throated Spanish accent, referring to my cooking! We have laughed about this for years - but last night I couldn't help thinking over and over- We ARE so fucking lucky - It's a good thing to remind yourself of. 

Especially after my whiny last post ; )

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