Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Lonely in Amsterdam...

So, if you read my last post on Amsterdam you know that Richard got sick the first night there. What you don't know is that he was sick in bed the ENTIRE time we were there. I know, boo hoo (I actually did cry one day) for both of us. It was just awful  - I wandered around for 4 days and decided I do not like to eat at restaurants alone - hardly anybody even spoke to me. I realize it could have been worse - but it sucked. Luckily he saw a Hotel Dr. and he was finally well enough to fly home - and boy was I never so glad to see home! Felt a bit like Dorothy "there's no place like home, there's no place like home" Anyway - I did go to Vondel Park and took a boat ride on the canals and walked the streets all day long... I can officially say I was lonely and don't want to go back there anytime soon.
Vondel Park - so lovely

Selfie in Vondel Park

Cold me on a boat ride
Canal boat ride

I found this little soup place and it was amazing - don't know why we don't have more little places like this in the US - I would go there once a week at least. It's called Soup En Zo and they make about 6 different soups fresh every day and you get it to go with a hunk of bread. Perfect for a lonely girl in Amsterdam. They even give recipes on their blog - so if you speak Dutch or can figure out the translator you are set! http://soupenzo.nl/blog/ google translates! But don't blame me if it gets something wrong and your soup sucks. 

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