Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Leftover Frittata - make a sandwich!

I love farm fresh eggs - you just can't beat the taste and the color - yellow amazingness! I made a frittata for breakfast the other day and had a few slices leftover so to make it a little more interesting I warmed it up, toasted some bread and spread on a little mayo and voila - lunch is served! As Richard's grandmother used to say "Cold chicken in the fridge is like $ in the bank. " Or in this case cold frittata! Don't throw those leftovers out - just reinvent them the next day - that way you don't even feel like you are eating the same meal.

This frittata had chopped boiled potatoes and asparagus. But I'm thinking about doing a plain one this weekend with just some pesto stirred in... maybe my sandwich the next day will have some sliced tomatoes too....

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