Sunday, January 18, 2015

Chase away the mid-January Blues with Comfort Food!

Coq au Vin
Well this first dish was actually our Christmas Day dinner - Coq Au Vin - I tried the recipe from My Paris Kitchen (love this cookbook - thanks Rey!) and it was AMAZING. I even tried his suggestion to add cocoa powder to it - I know - sounds weird but it gave it a earthy flavor that was out of this world. Along with some seriously creamy mashed potatoes and of course some roasted brussel sprouts - it was a lovely holiday meal - even if not that traditional. 

 Next I was craving some beef last week and for my darling husband's first night back after visiting his Dad in Florida I made a long time favorite Everette's Beef Brisket - I can't believe I have never shared this E A S Y but delicious recipe! I searched and it wasn't there! So here you go - easy but you must plan ahead as it needs to sit overnight. I'll even translate - cracks me up how Richard took the liberty of making some note on the bottom - as if this is not a precious piece of parchment!

Everette's Beef Brisket serves 4

3 pound beef brisket (I only had a 2)

Ok, seriously -buy good quality beef and you need nothing more -let the beefy taste come through! Now, generously salt and pepper all over your brisket. Place in a snug fitting roasting pan and cover tightly with foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours (I did only an hour and half since mine was smaller) Remove from the oven and when cool, drain off the juices and fat and reserve - do not toss this gold! Put the foil back on and put in the fridge overnight. Throw away the fat that solidified on top of the juices and then slice the brisket across the grain and place back in the pan in rows, top with the juices - if your foil wasn't very tight and you don't have very much juice, add a little water and scrape up the bits in the pan. Cover with the foil (tightly!) again and cook for another hour. That's it -ready to serve.

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