Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bistro Ralph - A Healdsburg Institution

This is actually the first restaurant I ever ate at in Healdsburg - Bistro Ralph. I was up having a girl's weekend celebrating my birthday - I have no idea which one, but quite a while ago. We were all staying at my friend Jen's house in Duncans Mills and the next day (hungover) we rented a limo and drove to Healdsburg and went wine tasting and had lunch here - the Chicken Paillard is my favorite - a pounded chicken breast fried up with lots of a buttery, lemony caper sauce served on top of of crispy little fries. Recently there was a rumor that they had sold and were closing - but for now they are open - so get it while you can!

Post Note: update - they didn't sell, but they changed into Ralph's Martini Bar - the good news is they still do this dish, the bad news is it's a small portion - and doesn't automatically come with the fries - so don't forget to order them and forget about sharing! R

POST POST NOTE:  as of 4/16 officially closed - hopefully they will open their BBQ joint soon!

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