Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bread - varieties are the slice of life!

I got a couple new cookbooks (yes, I did get rid of a few too) and tried some different bread recipes - and I loved them all! This enough gluten for ya? And no this wasn't all in one weekend - this is over the last couple months - and I always share with neighbors because as much as I love bread I don't think eating all this would be that great for my waistline - everything in moderation!
Cardamom Braid

Chocolate Cherry Hazelnut Fougasse
Pecan Cinnamon Loaf

Blueberry Buns
These are from various cookbooks and since they were all labor intensive I'm not repeating the recipes here - buy the books! 

Home Baked Comfort - this one has lots of recipes from great bakers
My Paris Kitchen by David Lebovitz (fougasse)
Jamie Oliver Magazine - the blueberry ones - I found them online and watched the video to figure these out - pretty tricky!
And now I can't remember where the cinnamon loaf is from (UP-date - I found this damn recipe - one of the problems of having WAY TOO MANY cookbooks- it was in Sur La Table's The Art and Soul of Baking)- it was really tricky too - as you basically make cinnamon rolls then cut them into chunks then pile in a loaf pan and it bakes all together. yum.  HAPPY BAKING!

Post note: sorry about the title pun - I get a little carried away sometimes ; 0

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