Monday, April 27, 2015

Fully loaded Chicken Sandwich And special salad

 Don't ask me why but this last weekend I was craving a chicken sandwich. I happened to have a couple boneless skinless breasts and decided to make a quick yet tasty lunch for us. The good news was that the day before I had gone to the bakery and bought these foccacia rolls so I was ready! I sprinkled the chicken with my favorite citrus salt from The Girl and the Fig and a dash of olive oil and quickly grilled them. While they were grilling I thought - this sandwich needs some bacon - and while digging through the cheese drawer I came across a few leftover slices of proscuitto and decided to use that up instead so I ran out to the grill and carefully wrapped up each piece in a couple slices and just let them brown up a bit. Next I mixed some mayonnaise with a bit of Siriracha - spicy Thai sauce all the rage - spread it on my lightly toasted bun then sliced some avocado and my amazing sandwich was born! Lunch is not boring at my house!

Salpicao - Brazilian chicken salad
And this plate of amazingness is Salpicao - a traditional Brazilian chicken salad that my dear friend Paula showed me how to make. It's shredded cooked chicken breast with shredded carrots and yes - shoestring potatoes - and the best part - homemade mayonnaise! That tied the whole dish together - we served it in little butter lettuce boats for a taco-like way to eat it. Oh and normally this gets made with "canned" shoestring potatoes - but I had the brilliant idea to go to Bistro Ralph and buy their "1000 fries" and it was perfect! Can't wait to make this again this summer with fresh white corn kernels. And that mayo was sure nice drizzled on some sliced avocado too.

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