Saturday, June 13, 2015

Maui - it's all about that fish, 'bout that fish.

Sorry about that - but that song is in my head! Which is only slightly better than our theme song from our recent visit to Maui. One word for you. Narwhals. If you haven't seen the cartoon video or the commercial - consider yourself lucky - cause it's next to impossible to forget. Any who. We just got back from Maui for a visit with our dear friends Gary, Linda and Sarah - who was graduating high school - yeah Sarah!! And yes, besides being all about our lovely SJ - it was all about the fish! Straight from the airport at 10:30 am no less we drove to Paia for our favorite food on the island - Paia Fish Market and had the Ono fish burger - so great!!! But the even better news is that we don't have to drive all the way to Paia anymore as they have opened a Paia Fish Market South Side in Kihei! For $10 you get a large fresh grilled piece of fish on a bun with coleslaw - I like it with a side of their cajun rice because I ditch the bun/slaw stuff. Best deal on the island! So needless to say we ate there more than once.

This was in Makawao (up-country maui) for Sarah's Luau. So proud of our little grown up girl - love you SJ! 
Very rare sighting of Narwhals seen over in Kaenae 

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