Friday, May 29, 2015

Sandwich and a Salad Perfect Lunch

 I adore having a Summer and the ability to cook refreshing foods during it - even if it's not technically summer yet. Don't get me wrong I loved living in SF but I have to say Healdsburg has the best weather EVER. This was a good lunch - made with various things I got at the farmer's market and a bit of leftovers - what a delight!
The salad was a whole avocado chopped then I cut some gorgeous yellow carrots and some fresh snap peas and tossed them with a squirt of meyer lemon juice and some olive oil, salt and pepper - the avocado mushed up a bit and made a nice "dressing" with the oil and juice. Then a sprinkle of gomasio - a mixture of sesame seeds, dried seaweed and salt. 

Next my pressed sandwich. I bought a ciabatta like flat loaf (I know - store bought - I am NOT ashamed - I did get it at The Shed. Then I pulled out a bit of the insides - just so it made a little bed for the filling. Spread both pieces of bread with garlic and chive chèvre then roasted pepper (out of a jar) some sliced proscuitto and my favorite addition some leftover grilled zucchini - this was easy, just some small zucchini cut in half and salted then grilled just til al dente, cut into cubes and then tossed with a bit of  lemon, garlic and olive oil. We had these for dinner a couple nights before and I warmed them in the microwave and then placed on the sandwich, drizzling with the extra garlicky oil and then a dash of balsamic vinegar. YUM.

Post Note: I've been reading this really interesting book our friends Thomas and Teena sent to me. The Soul of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman and in it he mentions a garde-manger meaning "to keep what is to be eaten" basically it refers to using up leftovers - that's always my goal - repurpose leftovers and don't throw food out! Now I have a name for it ; )
I just had to share this amazing iris that has been in my front yard - un-blooming - for the past four years - until this year when it went crazy! Love a good garden surprise!

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