Thursday, July 16, 2015

You never know what you will find at the farmer's market...

 Santa Rosa plums abound; some that I bought at the farmer's market and some that people with trees gave me! And so, in addition to some plum jam (and if you are a lucky duckling I gave you some jam) - I made this plum cake - which I didn't love - so not sharing that recipe - although it did look adorable. But what I will share - just because I love they way they were shared with me are these pine nuts. Technically I won't be sharing them by giving any away - because they were a bitch to get out of the shell! Any we did get went straight into my gob. Oh, Rich did get a couple too. The Wednesday farmer's market here in Healdsburg is small, like maybe 5 farmers on a good day - so even though not large - I like to go to support those that make the effort to haul their freshly grown produce into town. One of my favorite farmers are a grandpa and his granddaughter. I first started buying big baskets of cherry tomatoes from them and found out - neither of them like tomatoes! Well, I will forgive them that - as they do grow some nice ones and some lovely other veggies as well. So when I saw them a couple weeks ago he said "oh, I have something special that I have just for you." He said they were called "Black Pine Nuts" he might have said another name too - I'll have to ask this next week. "I've got some for you to make some pesto with" Then he handed me the bag and said "all you have to do is shell them." Huh? Well, I definitely now know why pine nuts cost so much. We had a ziplock bag full and only got about 2 tablespoons of nuts - but boy were they delicious. Check this process - hold with needle nose pliers, hit with hammer - and then hope you didn't inadvertently smash the nut. I'm not quite sure if they were just amazingly delicious or if they were so delicious because we worked so hard to get them out of the shell! Needless to say I will NOT be making pesto with these little tidbits.

Next at The Shed I saw these little raspberries. I can't remember their special name either (JUST FOUND OUT they were Heritage Raspberries from Home Farm) but I tried one and was sold - it's hard to see here but they almost look like little gummy candies - they are shiny and not fuzzy like regular raspberries. Firm, juicy, sweet and tart - I couldn't stop popping them in my mouth! So go to your local farmer's market and see what you can find - just beware of farmers (neighbors)  bearing "gifts". You may have to work extra hard for them! : 0

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