Sunday, September 6, 2015

The last of the peaches

Oh what a sad thought - BUT there is good news. I made what Renee (a wonderful farmer that grows peaches and lots of other goodies) calls "glop" which is pretty funny, but let's call it Peach Topping. She told me about it one day at the Wednesday Farmer's market when she had a few "second" peaches -ones that were not perfect. Basically she takes them, peels and pits and cuts off any bruised parts and then tosses in a pan with some sugar. She doesn't even chop up, just lets them cook for a little bit - so I can see how that would be justly named glop ; 0 and still delicious! But since I was going to the trouble of doing it I changed it up a bit. Still simple - just cut into cubes added about 1/2 teaspoon sugar and 1/4 teaspoon lemon for each peach and cooked in a pan for a few min. Then I portioned them into 1/2 pint jars and froze for a wonderful winter treat. Thanks for the sharing the great idea Renee! While our friends from Maui were visiting I used the one I kept in the fridge a few times…
Cheesecake topped with Peaches

Yeasted Waffles
The yeasted waffles were a big hit - and this is a I can't decide which is better moment - fresh cut strawberries or peach topping? Have BOTH! And one pork bacon breakfast sausage and one sage. I love variety - that's why I always make my friends share food with me - because I want to taste everything. xoxoxo

The only other reason why I'm not depressed that there are only a few peaches left in my kitchen and none in the trees is that the trees are full of Seckel pears from Renee's Farm- my favorite! I don't have my own tree yet but soon...

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