Thursday, November 26, 2015

Forever Thankful

I've got to say it's been a rough few weeks. My mother passed away last week at 91 years old; she was not well and it was her time. So this year I am thankful for all my friends who have been there for me and supported me in so many ways. In no particular order.... Paula - thank you for coming up a month ago and sitting with me in my new garden on my mother's little wrought iron love seats and telling me I was going to be ok. Caroline - you always win the "trooper" award as you never hesitate to trek to wherever I am - and this time was no exception - thanks for your sweet card that I have on my desk and the lovely hydrangea on my table and for just hanging out with me Sunday. Sarah - thanks for giving me a pep talk a couple weeks ago at The Shed and then again on Friday for plopping dear 3 month old Felix on my lap for a long snuggle, cuddle - even if he did poop on me in the end (mom?). Malin - thanks for your text that made me laugh and know that it was ok to have a glass of champagne - I did do that but since it was at the Shed I made it a Shrub - which has flavored vinegar added and that seemed about right. Bittersweet. And I'm holding you to your promise to be my wicked stepmother! Rey - my best boy friend ; ) thank you for keeping up the texts and calls and offers to do anything to help - including listening all these years. Jen - thanks for picking up my phone calls the past couple weeks, thinking each one was going to be The One- and I'm grateful that you are spending Thanksgiving at our house this year I'm sure we won't stop talking the whole time. Mindy - my new friend who had me over last week for fika with some delicious, warm (but too difficult) banana bread. (spread the word - fika is Swedish for coffee and treat!) I look forward to our friendship growing with many more talks in the future. Aimee - you have been there since the beginning; thank you so much for the long weekend you spent helping me pack up my mother's house 6 years ago (even if you did make me keep the life-sized portraits - I have a few more now I'll send to your house ; ) Ingrid - your text the other day made me feel so much better after such a crazy day (phone call!) thank you for your support and love. Adriana - my sweet neighbor thanks for all your caring hugs. SJ - you are so bright and funny - I appreciate how much we can laugh together even if through the tears. Julie - what can I say - you know me and my mother probably better than anyone else. You and your mom took me in when I ran away at age 16 and I know you have had my back at all times. Abby - boy am I glad I made an emergency visit to you! You put me in the the perfect frame of mind for all this - thank you for being your smart sweet self. Rachel - my mom's Dr,  in spite of which we have become good friends - thank you for understanding me and her and supporting us both through this difficult time. I'm thankful too for my brother Jack - as much as our mother tried (and succeeded for a long time) to make our relationship a difficult one - we have pulled together in the end and I feel like we are going to get through this together. Richard - you are my husband of 27 years, my best friend and have put up with the insanity of my mother for too long -I'm sorry for that. Thank you for always being there for me and being by my side. You know that I never cared what she thought about you - I always knew what a wonderful man you were and at least she figured that out - even if it took 10 years! I think I'm starting to hear The Academy playing music, so finally- a really big Thanks to everyone for all the hugs and kind words - those that know me and know my mom know what a struggle it has been my whole life but I'm glad she is at peace now - and so am I. Hope you all spend Thanksgiving with the ones you love - whether it's family or the family you choose! With love and thanks Rebecca
I think I can even say thanks to my mom - we did have some good times and I wouldn't be the person I am today without you - thanks for sharing your love of travel, cooking, entertaining and shopping! I see you all the time in the clothes and jewelry I wear or things all over my house. I think of you every time I crack open an egg and have to scoop out with a spoon the little white part. Today, I can't make Thanksgiving dinner without doing your cornbread stuffing exactly like you did and my gravy completely  differently - without giblets and hard cooked eggs - yuck.  I'm grateful I got to bake your gingerbread cake with white sauce for you last week - not bad for a final meal. Rest in peace Ann.

Lastly-a huge thanks to all those who have cared for my mom at Brookdale and recently with Sutter Hospice - I don't know how you all do it - kindness and patience beyond compare.

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