Friday, November 20, 2015

Meeting Nigella Lawson

This last week Nigella Lawson was doing a book tour for her new cookbook and since I was going down to SF anyway I decided to go to the Ferry Building and get her to sign one for me. I have only waited in line for one cookbook author before - and that was Julia Child.  One day a long time ago  I happened to be in Macy's and there she was - signing her Baking with Julia book. I stood in line and when she saw me she said in her lovely distinct accent - "I love your hat" funny thing I realized wednesday  that I had a hat on when meeting Nigella too! I had a whole greeting planned to say and then when the time came I was completely gobsmacked and could barely say my name! Finally I was able to choke out my Julia story and she said I didn't look old enough to have met her! So I take that as a compliment. I had planned on giving her my blog card and telling her how often I post about her and do her recipes, get a photo with her and even invite her up to Healdsburg - I would love to cook for her! But I just clammed up! Richard has always said I'm a "star fucker"  - but I promise I haven't had sex with anyone famous! Plus I get way too nervous around them - obviously I could barely speak to the woman much less do anything else - HA! (I do think she is quite sexy; ) This past May when at Sarah's graduation on Maui I sat next to Woody Harrelson for 2 and a half hours.  I was so worked up and nervous - hardly daring to look at him much less saying anything - and if you know me this is quite a shocker! I'm anything but shy - I don't know what it is about them that makes me so nervous! Anyway - got my book signed and Nigella - if I ever see you again I will Remain Calm and Ask you to Dinner! Thanks for all your great recipes and beautiful funny writing!
PS. I think the only book I'm missing of hers is Nigellissima - her Italian one - in case you are looking for holiday gifts, hint, hint. 

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